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Aug.20th, the Chinese Valentine’s Day, at the core of Donggang CBD, after months of dedicated preparation , Galleria Dalian is ready for its grand opening. Praised as the European style garden mall, Galleria Dalian will be a landmark for the city of Romance. This international one stop destination will most definitely bring a fresh shopping, entertainment and leisure experience to the local people.

On Aug.20th , the MARVEL show “True Heroes”debuted at Galleria Daian, which caused a frantic Hero phenomenon. Exclusively authorized by MARVEL Disney, The Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk and other MARVEL heroes came to northeastern China for the first time, exhibited at Galleria Dalian. It is located at the central atrium of the mall, on display for a month. There are many sections to the show, featuring multiple Hot Toys models and figures. The 6M high Iron Man who is unique in China, the famous Armor that defeated Hulk in Avenger 2 and many other original Hero figures are all showcased here in Galleria Dalian. And the Windmill Festival is another example of the great combination of the European flavor with the local culture. By windmill decorations and an array of European style shows, Galleria Dalian created a fun park at the City of Romance.

During the grand opening day, Galleria Dalian prepared a variety of exciting events and a party in the evening. Outside the mall, Galleria mascot interacted with the customers, the silhouette of love, couple T-shirt DIY and many other sweet activities helped the customers to have a romantic yet precious memory of the Chinese Valentine’s Day. Furthermore, during the day of the opening, there were“Free Movie Ticket & Free Dinner”, “Huge Opening Promotions”and “Free lunch every Thursday”to encourage the customers to shop and have fun at the mall. It will be an exciting summer here at Galleria Dalian.

The press conference is scheduled at 4pm, CEO of Kardan Land China, Mr. Walter Van Damme and Vice President of Asset Management, Kardan Land China, Dr. Helen Guan shared with the media on the history of Kardan Group and the project’s future. During the Q&A session, both of them showed great confidence in the bright future for both the project and Donggang CBD.

(Left:Vice President of Asset Management, Kardan Land China, Ms. Helen Guan; Right: CEO of Kardan Land China, Mr. Walter van Damme)

The grand opening ceremony for Galleria Dalian begins with a steam of light music. The stage was sitting on the top of the music fountain, which showcased detailed planning and great dedication. First of all, CEO of Kardan Land China, Mr. Walter Van Damme delivered an opening speech. To follow suit, tenant representative, C&A China BD Director Mr. Rowan Verwoerd was welcomed onto the stage to share his high regards and great wishes to Galleria Dalian. And then, Kardan Land senior management leading by CEO of Kardan NV, Chairman of Kardan Land China, Mr. Shouky Oren, government officials and tenant representatives joined the ribbon cutting ceremony. The ribbon cutting marked the official opening of the mall and Galleria Dalian will be an ultimate shopping destination and a fun place to hang out for the locals.

(Chairman of Kardan Land China, Mr. Shouky Oren)

(CEO of Kardan Land China, Mr. Walter van Damme)

(C&A China BD Director, Mr. Rowan Verwoerd)

Kardan Galleria, located on the extension line of Renmin Road CBD, is the first European style shopping center in Dalian. It is developed and operated by a leading European real estate company Kardan Land. It has 5 levels of retail space, over 100,000 sq.m. Direct subway access and over 2,400 parking spaces is a great guarantee of convenient transportation.

From the beginning of the experience period in this June, Galleria Dalian showed high regards to quality and brand segmentation. Through logic reasoning and professional analysis, Kardan targets the new middle class of the city, catering to their needs, resonates with their culture and inspires great interest and imagination with the delicate design of the mall. Galleria Dalian is registered as high end yet inviting, which guarantees wonderful customer experience and high investment returns.

The music fountain, together with the European style windmill festival decoration, makes Galleria Dalian the perfect location for dating and proposals. The strongest fast fashion mix set the bar for one stop shopping mall higher than ever. With careful study on the local’s taste, Skyland Food Court witnessed huge traffic and fantastic sales on the day of the opening. From Galleria Chengdu’s success to the stunning debut of Galleria Dalian, Kardan showcased great vision, precise strategies and perfect execution every step of the way. Kids zone, modern mixed use design and the brand mix of the mall are concrete testimony to Kardan’s dedication on customer segmentation. Using the mall as a media, Kardan sparks up the project by clashing the traditional local culture with the modern art style. Galleria Dalian will most definitely becomes the landmark for Donggang CBD.

Galleria Dalian is an important part of the mixed use project, together with Kardan SOHO, Kardan International and Kardan Residence formed Kardan Europark. Kardan Land has officially signed the contract with Frasers International, who will bring the Frasers Hotel to Europark. Currently, Kardan SOHO, the only fitted out office building in Dongggang is still in sales.

Galleria Leasing Hotline: 0411- 86757777

Europark Sales Hotline: 0411- 86758888

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